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NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programmer) Certification 

Classes start Monday July 1st for 5 weeks

 Time 9:30-4:00 every Monday  (IN PERSON or ZOOM)

(Approximately 70 hours of course and home practice)

Are YOU ready to
change lives?

You can sign up for this class today, and watch your life and the lives of those around you GREATLY change for the better! 

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Deana here!

I wish I would have known sooner how utilizing NLP would be a game changer!

Learning the basis, concepts, and skills  behind "neuro-linguistic programming" has not only changed my life and how I manage it, but it has also changed countless others lives with whom I've worked! 

NLP helps to create a more immediate mind switch. It helps you to understand " You are not what you FEEL".


NLP can help with so many things..

      Overcoming Fears                                Relieving Stress

         Building Confidence                            Changing your Perspective

            Motivation                                               Empowerment

               Setting Goals                                           Improving Performance

                                           Healing from Grief and more...!

And this has been a GAME-CHANGER when it comes to my career. 



Quick Example:

                 I had a client come in that was afraid of bridges and living in Florida, this made her life impossible!  Almost anywhere you go locally you have to cross a body of water.  This fear was caused by events in her life which subconsciously made her realize

how temporary life is.  It created a fear of driving over bridges.  After using NLP and Hypnosis techniques to alleviate fears, she is not only able to drive over any bridge, now she actually looks forward to her daily commute to and from the beach, shopping, and picking up her grandchildren...etc. 

Because NLP and Hypnosis helped to change her perspective, she now feels safe and free from her fears.

To this day she is constantly sharing her story with others and because of that, I have received many new clients directly from her referrals. It’s so rewarding to have clients reach out and tell me that they will "love me for a lifetime" because of how dramatically their lives have been changed!  It’s so great to hear how she was able to almost IMMEDIATELY release those fears and truly enjoy Florida again.  Most clients are either struggling to "stop doing something they cannot stop!" or to "Start doing something they can’t seem to start!" 

NLP is the perfect solution for this!


This comprehensive NLP course could cost you anywhere from $2,500 to $4,000 somewhere else. But for less than HALF the price, you can become certified by a Master NLP Practitioner and Trainer! 

For only $1,195, you will have everything you need to set up shop and start practicing NLP with confidence! 

And it gets even better..


This course offers so much more than other NLP certification classes, and is designed for you to be able to attend in-person or virtually over Zoom. 


You can expect:

  • Live Instruction from a Master NLP Trainer

  • Live Discussions 

  • Practice with Other Students

  • One-on-One Personal Coaching

  • Q and A’s

  • Downloadable Handouts and Instruction Manual

  • Step-by-Step Information that is Easy to Learn

  • And MORE!

And this is the PERFECT opportunity for you to start a new career!

Enroll Online and Save



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